How to Negotiate Your Salary
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How to Negotiate Your Salary

Self-Paced/ Beginner/ 1.5 Hours Total


In this course, you'll learn what you need to do before, during and after a salary negotiation to earn more money in your career. Designed to be beautiful, fun and easy to do, this course has the potential to help you increase your salary by thousands of dollars. It will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to negotiate your salary no matter what your circumstances. 


What do I get?

  • Five video lessons taking you through the steps to a successful salary negotiation
  • Bonus features to help you take this to the next level
  • A workbook to guide you along the way
  • Additional resources for further study
 Learn everything you need to know about planning and preparing for a successful salary negotiation.

Learn everything you need to know about planning and preparing for a successful salary negotiation. You'll learn how to:

  • Analyze the situation
  • Figure out your values
  • Research your counterpart
  • Work on your confidence

Learn what to do during the negotiation conversation so that you can think on your feet and do your best! You'll learn:

  • Why expressing gratitude is important and how to do it right
  • The power of collaborative thinking
  • What it looks like to get creative in a negotiation
  • How to exercise patience

Learn advanced skills to help you take things to the next level:

  • Rookie mistakes
  • When to negotiate
  • Nonverbal behaviors
  • FAQ's

In this section, we'll cover key information about why negotiation can be scary and how to overcome that fear:

  • The gender wage gap
  • Your relationship to money
  • Why confidence matters

In this lesson, we'll go over some case studies and additional bonus features to help you feel more confident about your negotiation. You'll get:

  • Three case studies
  • A guided visualization audio file to make sure you set the right intention
  • A guided meditation audio file to calm your nerves the day before
  • MP3 recording with Life Coach, Andrea Leda about how to work on your relationship with money

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