Jessica Williams, Founder and ceo

Jessica combines the modalities of life-coaching, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness with a deep knowledge of communications and business to help you more fully integrate your inner wisdom into your professional life so that you can excel as a leader in the new world of work. 

She is on a mission to more women in positions of power by advancing the professional development of strong, wise female leaders. 

Jessica works with leading executives, directors and managers; women who are just getting started in their career; and all of those who find themselves in the middle somewhere. She provides coaching and leadership for beginning female entrepreneurs. And she wholeheartedly supports any individual who identifies as female. 

Jessica also consults and speaks around the country to organizations, nonprofits and corporations who want to support the professional advancement of strong, female leadership. 

Jessica's Story (In her words)

In 2003, I busted out into the world - pants on fire - headed for California. I was DETERMINED to do something BIG; something POWERFUL. I left my hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina the day after graduating from university, with my little blue Honda Del Sol packed to the cracks in personal belongings.

I drove 3,000 miles West on interstate 40, and after 12 years, I haven’t driven back.

I moved to Los Angeles where I lived with a cousin I had never met and I CRIED, right there on the beach. Instead of celebrating my long-awaited arrival, I was crying my eyes out.

I had visions of a California that DID NOT look like Los Angeles. I was devastated. What I experienced was not what I had dreamed of for so long.

BUT, like any good southerner, I dried my tears and pulled up my big-girl panties (as my mother says) and got myself a job. And it was a good job. I was paid $60K my first year out of college to sell boutique wines to high-end grocery stores in the Los Angeles beaches area (#dreamjob). 

And yet, I was soooo lonely.

I was sooo lonely that when I was driving from account to account, I would call my college friends and I would cry my eyes out. Then I would wipe my tears, put on a happy face and sell the hell out of that damn good wine. At the end of a hard day, I’d treat myself to a Cold Stone german chocolate ice cream cone to soothe my soul. 

All that is to say, that life after college wasn’t easy. It was incredibly hard. But I figured out how to survive.

Then I fell in love with a man.

Actually, I dove head first into love.

In 2005, I moved to San Diego to live with him and took an insanely challenging job selling advertising and marketing for the publisher of AutoTrader Magazines. They paid me an ungodly amount of money to do this job and so I did it, and I did it well for two years. But, I cried my way through that job, too (#kickmeinthepants).

By 2006 I was married and in 2007, we quit our jobs to sail around the world (okay, I’ll give you a minute to soak that in. I realize I kind of just threw that out there on you, but I didn’t want to bore you with all the details. Are you ready to continue? Okay, here we go...).

So here we were planning and working to sail around the world in a 1978 sailboat that we purchased together. AND you know what? We did it! We sailed for about two years up the West coast from San Diego to the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada.

Those two years were equal parts amazing and awful. I had an encounter with a killer whale that would blow your mind. I navigated the ocean in the darkest of nights and I confronted some pretty deep and scary places inside me. It got hard and the marriage suffered, a lot. There came a time when the swiftly moving current blocking me from shore looked like a better option than staying on the boat one more minute (don’t worry, I didn’t jump ship, well at least not in that moment).

In 2009, after months of therapy, hard conversations and a long hard winter in Port Townsend, Washington I left on a bus for British Columbia with a suitcase, my yoga mat and a broken heart.  

I volunteered for a month at a retreat center called Hollyhock on Cortes Island in British Columbia, before I moved to Portland, Oregon to start my life over.

In 2010, we finalized our divorce and a new chapter of my life began.

Moving to Portland wasn’t a hard decision; I mean Portland is awesome! And while Portland didn’t technically save me (can a city really do that?), I believe it gave me a safe place to save myself.

In 2010, I started a new relationship with myself that has been the most rewarding relationship I’ve ever had. (#yougogirl) I learned how to take care of ME in a way that was hard-earned and I want to share that learning so that hopefully, it'll be a little easier and a little softer on you. 

In 2011 I graduated from yoga teacher training and I took myself to Thailand on a month-long solo journey. When I returned, I started graduate school and quickly landed at Prichard Communications where I worked for three years.

During my time there, I managed impressive growth of an online community for job seekers called, Mac’s List. I coached hundreds of professionals on their way to career fulfillment, held events, met with HR managers, contributed to a book and wrote a weekly blog post for over three years about career advancement. I discovered I had a passion for professional development. Oh and I got my master's degree in strategic communications (something that comes in handy for my clients!).

In April, 2016 I became a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and today I combine my personal career growth with my training as a life-coach and yoga teacher, and my master's in communications to help women achieve ownership over their professional lives to experience more joy, money and success.

Namely I have learned how to be my own superhero -- something I want to help YOU do, too. Because it's awesome to be an ambitious, independent woman in love with your life AND your life's work, AND I truly want that for you. 

So how can I help you feel empowered and inspired to create and act on your professional life so that YOU can become the Superwoman you were always meant to be?

Stop looking to be rescued and learn how to rescue your own beautiful, bad self -- become your own hero.

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