Finding Your Career Courage: An Interview with Katie Kelley

Today’s interview is with Katie Kelley, author of Career Courage — a book to help you uncover your passion, step out of your comfort zone and create the success you want. Here is a handout Katie mentions in the interview that you can use to follow along. 

Katie Kelley is People Development Director for Fuerst Group, parent company of KEEN footwear and Chrome Industries. Her own career pivots include stints as a psychotherapist, a medical salesperson, an ABC Television contributor, and, most recently, as an executive coach with clients that included Google and Time Inc.

Katie is author of Career Courage, an executive coaching book that walks readers through the vital process of analyzing their motivations and taking stock of strengths to muster the courage to take the next step in their career.

Including inspiring stories of people who hit critical junctures and broke through fears and limitations to make a change, Career Courage offers guideposts for finding your true calling and improving your ability to take risks, build alliances, project confidence, and create trust and goodwill in your life and work. It offers strategies and insights from a seasoned career
coach who serves as a personal guide through the questioning and development process ahead.

In this interview Katie dives into 10 keys to finding career courage where she offers a unique view on what it takes to achieve more money, success and joy in your work. 

Not only is Katie a rockstar Superwoman, but she and have known each other for years and I was honored to have this opportunity to talk to her about her life’s work.