Mothers at Work: An Interview with Glaucia Martin-Porath, Founder of Women's Plaza

Today’s interview is with my friend, Glaucia Martin-Porath. Glaucia is a social entrepreneur who founded Women’s Plaza - the first co-working space dedicated to women and working mothers. 

In this conversation we not only discuss the challenges facing working mothers in our culture, but also what Glaucia hopes for the future of women who join her movement. Glaucia’s mission is to create a place where women can be fulfilled, empowered, nurtured and connected to their children.

Every woman that I encounter inspires me; warriors of the daily routines, the daily struggles, who conquer social isolation and prejudice everyday with a gentle heart. Women who put their children and family’s needs first no matter what, and renounce their own well being and balance in the process. Women who keep going and keep fighting and keep doing the best they can in every area of their lives without giving up. For these women: mothers who want to be with their newborn babies, professionals who have a career to build, women who must nurture their heart, body and soul, and women who have a family to raise and relationships to deepen. For these women, I developed the Women’s Plaza.
— Glaucia Martin-Porath

The Women’s Plaza is a co-working and shared office space that offers a high quality childcare center, wholesome meals and well-being services to support the personal growth of working mothers and their children. The vision for Women’s Plaza is to become a world leader in supporting and realizing working mothers' full potential: 

• Co-working and shared office space for women entrepreneurs, remote employees, and independent contractors that require office space and business amenities with flexible hours. 
• Childcare center on premises.
• Kitchen and communal eating area that offers fresh organic meals and packaged meals for take-away. 
• Access to development programs that target physical, emotional and professional growth.

I hope you enjoy!