You rallied. You marched. You posted on social media.

Now you want to know what's next?

Here's your C.A.L.L. to action:

COMMUNITY.       ACT.       LEAD.       LOVE.



On January 21, 2017 we marched with our fellow sisters and brothers. Don't let that sense of community stop there.

Start a group in your community devoted to connection, conversation and leadership development

Register to host a Superwoman Society in your town and get the support and help you need to organize, plan and keep the conversation going. We'll provide you with the logos, messaging, and step by step guides to help you along the way. 

RSVP to attend a Superwoman Society in your city. 


Register to vote.

Find out the contact information (email, phone, address) for your representatives (Senate and House).

Know who to contact and what to talk about. In other words, get informed about who your member of Congress is and what role they play in the federal government. Similarly, do not bother calling a representative’s office if you do not live in their district.

Send them a postcard.

Write them an email. Here is a template.

Call them. Here is a script.

Write them a letter. Here is a script.

Get involved with local advocacy groups. Advocacy groups do more than spend money lobbying in D.C., they organize and activate so you don't have to know everything detail and can be as involved as you want. 

Stay informed by following legitimate and credible news sources and using your critical thinking skills. 

Encourage your friends to join you. 


Leadership development is self development so work on your confidence, get coached through your fears, and learn about the possibilities available to you. 

Run for local, city, state or federal office and tell your friends to run for office, too.

Vote for women. 

Learn how to be a strong female leader, negotiate your salary for equal pay, manage your career like a boss and shatter the glass ceiling. Get free consultations at The Superwoman Project


Above all, show love and compassion for one another.

Support other women who want to lead.

Collaborate don't compete. Create don't compare. 

What is the Superwoman Society?

The Superwoman Society is a community for professional women looking to make authentic, genuine and productive connections. This is a safe and supportive networking experience meant to expand opportunities, possibilities and impact for women. 

It's an event that puts you in the driver seat for organizing professional women in your community. 

 Superwoman Societies are popping up all over the globe. Start a Superwoman Society in your town today. 

Register below and get started!

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Share on social media and use the hashtag #superwomansociety to get the word out.

Thank you! 

The Superwoman Society Team