Michelle Gay, Founder of V.I.A.BLE Business Consulting

Michelle Gay is the owner of V.I.A.BLE Business Consulting. As a business consultant, her focus is helping businesses uncover their “why” and develop systems and processes to support it.  She works to incorporate elements into the business that are important to owners and teaches them how to create an environment that everyone can thrive in.  She helps owners go inside and find the internal drivers for their business instead of focusing in the external drivers that we tend to get caught up in. Together, they create an environment of growth and opportunity for everyone involved.

Yasmin Nguyen, Founder of Vibrance Global & Gratitude Inspired Living

Yasmin Nguyen is the founder of Vibrance Global and also known as the Gratitude MOFO (Manifestor of Fantastic Opportunities).

He believes to deepen your relationships and grow a business you love, you need to do less proving and more inspiring through compelling stories of gratitude, and develop a regular practice of expressing appreciation for your clients, prospects, and peers.

Marli Williams, Speaker, Facilitator, Activation Coach, Purpose Finder and Inspiration Generator

Marli Williams is a speaker, facilitator, activation coach, purpose finder and inspiration generator who's mission in life is to inspire and empower people to get out of their own damn way so they can go from stuck to STOKED! She does this through energizing presentations, rejuvenating retreats, dynamic programs, intentional workshops and transformational personal coaching. She believes that everyone has the potential to fulfill their inner desires, hopes and dreams and her biggest goal is to provide both the inspiration and the tools to make that possible. To find out more about Marli's work, check out her website: www.marliwilliams.com

Lori Harris, Coach, Speaker & Teacher

Lori is a coach, speaker and teacher who has a knack for asking questions that get to the heart of things. With natural curiosity and deep intuition, she helps people create the story they want to live. She has worked for a Fortune 100 company for nearly two decades doing strategy and process work where she also formed a women’s network dedicated to empowering and connecting women to unleash their collective potential.

Jennifer Alyse, Professional Photographer, Speaker and Founder of Empowered Event

Jennifer Alyse is a professional photographer and a speaker working throughout the country with leading female entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders. Jennifer uses photography and public speaking as vehicles to promote personal, social, environmental and spiritual development. Her work has been on the pages of multiple publications and most recently has been featured on the cover of Mindful Magazine.

Danielle Savory, Life Coach, Mind-Body Coach, Mindfulness Guide and Pleasure Enthusiast

Danielle Savory is a life coach, mind-body coach, mindfulness guide and pleasure enthusiast. Her wish is that every woman could feel free and happy in being exactly who she is and loving ALL that she is. 

Danielle Savory is a unique voice in the mindfulness and pleasure world being heavily influenced by her biology and neuroscience education, she effortless weaves the science with the "woo-woo" and creates tangible teachings with real world applications. Danielle's ability to not hold back and speak authentically and true allows her clients to feel safe and supported in their own vulnerable journey of opening.