Christie Mims, Founder of The Revolutionary Club & Coach Pony

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The Confidence Problem: Getting Women The Recognition They Deserve

Success in business, success in leadership, success in life comes from a belief in yourself. Having the confidence to ask for a well-deserved raise, having the confidence to quit your job and do your own thing, having the confidence to speak up in a crowded room and pitch your idea. But confidence is a double-edged sword for women: If we put ourselves forward, we can be penalized and branded as someone who is pushy or aggressive.  So, what's the solution?

Join Christie Mims, the Founder of the Forbes Top 100 website for your Career, The Revolutionary Club, and the creator of the Build a REAL Business program as she tackles the confidence problem. After all, isn't it time you got the recognition (and career) that you deserve? (Ummm...yes!!)

About Christie:

Christie Mims, is the Founder and CEO of The Revolutionary Club, the number one destination for smart people who are unwilling to settle for anything less than career happiness.  Compassionate, caring, and a little kick-ass, Christie’s work is dedicated to making sure that you love what you do (note: life is too short not to love what you do).

A certified professional coach and recovering consultant with a background working for Fortune 500 companies, Christie has been there, done that, and worn those uncomfortable shoes.  She’s dispensed career advice for Forbes, LearnVest, Brazen Careerist, Yahoo! and many more, and can be seen speaking at the University of VA, The Daily Muse, Women for Hire, The US Army, and at a variety of other organizations.

Her website has been named a Forbes Top 100 for careers, and she herself has been named one of the top 29 coaches to follow on the interwebs. And because career happiness sometimes comes with a side of entrepreneurship, Christie has a passion project for new and struggling coaches, aimed at giving them the information and community they need to succeed. You can find all of the hilarious details, plus an amazing free guide, over here:

Leading up to The Superwoman Summit, we asked Christie a few questions:

What do you think is the greatest challenge facing professional women who want to excel?

I think that there are two: One is the inherent bias we ALL have against women, seeing women who are confident as aggressive, for example, and promoting women based on experience where we promote men based on potential. This kind of universal discrimination is a huge block to women leaders.

And the second is overcoming our own innate tendencies - to doubt ourselves, to be "the nice girl" to be a "team player" and to put others needs before our own because we are afraid to speak up. We burn out, we fall behind, and we sometimes kill our own ambitions instead of nurturing them out of doubt and fear.

If you have one piece of advice for professional women when it comes to leadership, what would it be?

Ask for what you want. Never be afraid to ask for help, to ask for advice, to ask for more money, simply to ask.

Nothing changes until you understand and voice what you want in the world.

Name a female leader you admire and why:

The list is long!

1. Hillary Clinton. The more I learn about her and her history, the more impressed I am with her fortitude and willingness to keep moving forward. She's been judged harder than any man, and faced far more criticism, and yet she still kept trying to fight the good fight, and trusting that she had the skills and ability to do great work. Mostly, she gave us the real living image that a woman *could* be president.

2. Shonda Rhimes. Her honesty, openness, and self-awareness are awesome. And she's built an empire by doing a few things: 1) Being a doer, not just a dreamer. Getting out there and writing scripts, pitching ideas, and executing on them. 2) Saying yes to things even when she is scared 3) Not listening to people and casting who she wants, so her shows reflect real people. She shows that you can stay true to yourself and still be a success. That you can get off the beaten path slightly with your ideas and still be a success.

What is your favorite quote to inspire women leaders?

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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