Amanda Johnson, Message Strategist and Mindful Messenger Coach

Superwoman Summit Session:

Let's Write a Better Ending to Our Professional Superwoman Story

It's time to bring our Superwoman powers to our professional lives and workplaces. But what does it really take to do this effectively in the world today? Join Amanda for an experiential session of finding allies, plotting missions, and activating the superpowers that can quickly change our storyline from unheard, unseen, and unknown female characters to inspired, intentional, and influential feminine heroes and leaders.

An Interview with Amanda Johnson, Founder of True to Intention

Today we talk to Superwoman Summit 2017 speaker, Amanda Johnson.

As a Message Strategist and Mindful Messenger Coach, Amanda helps aspiring speakers, authors, and coaches craft their message, expertise, and stories for maximum impact on their audience, their brand, and their bottom line.

After years of engaging, clarifying, and helping others develop powerful messages (as a Student, Teacher, and Master Writing Coach), Amanda uncovered her own.

The decision to share it launched her on a journey of personal and professional transformation that quickly made her limited life unrecognizable. In her bestselling book Upside-Down Mommy, Amanda shares The Butterfly Approach philosophy responsible for her successes as a parent, wife, messenger, and coach.

Leading up to The Superwoman Summit, we asked Amanda a few questions:

What do you think is the greatest challenge facing professional women who want to excel?

The old stories about what it means to be a good, successful woman. Even those of us who are intentionally and carefully creating the new paradigm for women in leadership still have the remnants of old stories and beliefs that are our default. And they will stay the default and sabotage our efforts toward change until we practice and integrate the new story and paradigm in our own life...every day. I think there's been too much focus on the institutional failures, when any real transformation actually requires individuals to take personal responsibility to do their own work and become the change.

If you have one piece of advice for professional women when it comes to leadership, what would it be?

Get deeply connected to your divine intention and the stories that are keeping you from living it. And then focus on rewriting and healing, one story at a time.

Name a female leader you admire and why:

Ursula Mentjes -- She's one of the most powerful female leaders I've ever met, balancing the masculine and feminine energies like a total badass. Incredibly driven, intentional, and no-nonsense about her dreams and goals, she is also spiritually connected and operates from a state of feminine softness, collaboration, playfulness, and ease. The synchronicity and magic in her life, I believe, are the result of her being fiercely committed to this balance.

What is your favorite quote to inspire women leaders?

“You have to look at leadership through the eyes of the followers and you have to live the message. What I have learned is that people become motivated when you guide them to the source of their own power and when you make heroes out of employees who personify what you want to see in the organization.” -- Anita Roddick

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