Amy Sample-Ward, CEO of The Nonprofit Technology Network

Superwoman Summit Session:

Women's Leadership in Tech

Technology is now a leadership topic - regardless of what sector or even what career path you take, confidence and comfort with technology will support you becoming an incredible leader. How can you navigate the technology world if you are new to it? What about strategies for managing the challenges many women face? Join this Power Talk to learn about opportunities for integrating technology into your leadership journey.

About Amy:

Amy is dedicated to educating and supporting organizations in using technology to create meaningful community engagement and make lasting change. Whether it is by connecting individuals, organizations, campaigns, or possibilities, Amy hopes to facilitate the nonprofit technology sector transitioning into a movement-based force for positive change.

In addition to serving as NTEN’s CEO, she is a speaker, author, and trainer having worked with groups and spoken at events around the world. In 2013, she co-authored Social Change Anytime Everywhere: How to implement online multichannel strategies to spark advocacy, raise money, and engage your community with Allyson Kapin. Amy is also the board president for the Women's Foundation of Oregon.

Find out more about Amy and her work at Follow her on Twitter and Instagram or connect with her on LinkedIn.