Elaine McGhee, Working Mom Support Coach and Founder of Thrive Momma

Superwoman Summit Session (in collaboration with Katie Slack)

Beyond Work-Life Balance: Two BFFs Share How They Broke All the Rules

Where do work, life, love, parenting and spirit all intersect? Over a chat with your best friend, of course! Follow these two entrepreneurs, moms and BFFs as they guide you to uncover what's really holding you back from true fulfillment in your work and life.

About Elaine:

Elaine is a Working Mom Support Coach on a mission de-stress maternity leave and propel a nation of thriving working mothers. From her own emotionally traumatic return-to-work with her first daughter (HOT MESS!!) she founded the ThriveMomma.com community.

She coaches new moms how to NOT have it all as they transition to working motherhood. And she consults with corporations on paternity leave planning and work/life integration policies that help them retain working parents. When she is not out in the San Diego sunshine with her two girls she volunteers for the Postpartum Health Alliance and writes for FairyGodBoss.

Find out more about Elaine and her work at thrivemomma.com. Follow her on TwitterInstagram and Facebook or connect with her on LinkedIn.