Gary Hirsch, Founder of On Your Feet and BotJoy

Superwoman Summit Session:

How to be a More Collaborative Leader: Lessons From the World of Improv

This session will explore the structures that allow improvisers to step into uncertainty,  and work in a state of constant change in order to co-create something wonderful…and have an amazing amount of fun while doing it.  This session will combine performance, interactivity, and smart sounding words to illustrate how improvisers lead through create real-time, market-driven collaboration by working together to create something (a story) to satisfy a customer (the audience) under extreme time pressure (instantly, on the spot).  

About Gary:

Gary helped start OYF in 1996 with an ex ad planner after a random conversation about a t-shirt (which seems to be how things happen around here). He is a voracious doodler and draws on everything. Currently, he is drawing over 30,000 robots that he launches into the world to help make it a slightly better place

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