Jennifer Alyse, Professional Photographer, Speaker and Founder of Empowered Event

Superwoman Summit Session:

Moving From Head To Heart: Why Heart-Based Business Practices Are Vital to Our Careers & Greater Collective

In an experiential, interactive workshop, Jennifer Alyse will guide us through practices to bring heart-based principles into our career and businesses. Through journal writing, group interaction, and creative exercises, we will tap our innate human capacity to feel and make decisions from our heart.

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Alyse is a professional photographer and a speaker working throughout the country with leading female entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders. Jennifer uses photography and public speaking as vehicles to promote personal, social, environmental and spiritual development. Her work has been on the pages of multiple publications and most recently has been featured on the cover of Mindful Magazine.

Alumni of W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, with over ten years of experience in the fashion industry both in front and behind the camera, Jennifer is a passionate entrepreneur and activist for positive change. She draws on personal experience of growth and adversity in life to empower her clients and uplift those around her. 

Jennifer created and hosted the debut of Empowered, an annual event for over 100 women in May of 2016, benefitting Girls Inc of the Pacific NW. She continues to promote the significance of empowerment for women through her Empowered Series. She is also in the process of co-creating Ancestral Connection movement, using photography and film to reignite generational connections and to honor our elders. 

In addition, Jennifer works closely with Girls Inc of the Pacific Northwest, sharing a mutual mission of inspiring young girls to reach higher, dream bigger, and truly achieve a bright and independent future. She has photographed the annual Power of the Purse fundraiser for the past two years and currently mentors one of the Girls Inc “Go-To Girls.”

Jennifer believes that to be seen for our true selves gives us permission to awaken to our greatest lives and to act for the greater good of all humankind. She will continue to facilitate, promote and lead the movement to make this belief a reality.

"There is nothing more fulfilling than watching a person come alive with hope, possibility and ignited passion for life. Whether it be in front of the camera or within the safe space of a workshop setting, witnessing the human soul come alive inspires me." ~Jennifer Alyse

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