Katie Slack, Business + Life Design Consultant

Superwoman Summit Session (in collaboration with Elaine McGhee)

Beyond Work-Life Balance: Two BFFs Share How They Broke All the Rules

Where do work, life, love, parenting and spirit all intersect? Over a chat with your best friend, of course! Follow these two entrepreneurs, moms and BFFs as they guide you to uncover what's really holding you back from true fulfillment in your work and life.

About Katie:

We need new ways to live right now, to work and raise our families, to be in community with each other, and to heal ourselves and others. I am a firm believer that the keys to discovering these new ways are within you. By using techniques I’ve been trained in and 10 years of experience, I create the right environment for these “new solutions” to surface. Through FULL LIFE DESIGN, I show women entrepreneurs a new way to think about themselves, their lives, and their work; then, together, we develop a personalized road map to bring harmony to all three. Ultimately, I help mom bosses design the life they want to live and a business to support it. 

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