Michelle Jones, Ph.D. Organizational Psychology & Leadership & CEO of Wayfinding Academy

Superwoman Summit Session:

How to Do Something Epic

Many of us have aspirations to doing something epic with our lives and make a difference. Using Nancy Duarte’s concept of the venture scape that comes with starting a movement, I will talk about the importance of being in the fighting and climbing stages and will focus on two ket pieces of advice: (1) know your why and (2) it is not inevitable. When doing something no one has ever done before, it is hard to find role models to look up to, so hopefully this advice can help us all to be our own sources of inspiration when our work in the world seems hard. 

About Michelle:

Ph.D. Organizational Psychology & Leadership, Claremont Graduate University - Michelle is a former traditional model college professor who is starting her own college, the Wayfinding Academy. Her 15 years teaching leadership and organizational behavior courses at colleges and universities across the country has prepared her well to re-imagine what higher education can be with this new endeavor. She is also drawing on her experience organizing events and communities with TEDxMtHood and the World Domination Summit and founding non-profit organizations such as SuperThank.

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