Yasmin Nguyen, Founder of Vibrance Global & Gratitude Inspired Living

Superwoman Summit Session:

From FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to Become a MOFO (Manifestor of Fantastic Opportunities)

As an achieving entrepreneur or professional, have you ever struggled with moments of self-doubt?  Have you ever felt exhausted, overwhelmed, overcommitted, burnout, saying yes to everyone and everything, constantly convincing, justifying, and proving yourself?  If so, there’s a good chance that you have contracted a serious case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)! 

On the verge of complete burnout with FOMO, Yasmin discovered a new way to bring joy, possibilities, inspiration, appreciation, collaboration, and love into his life and business.

In this talk, he will share with you the specific strategies you can use to release FOMO and become a MOFO (Manifestor of Fantastic Opportunities) through regular practices of retirement and gratitude. As a MOFO, you become a person who empowers your life with meaning, abundance, growth, generosity, kindness, inspiration, and gratitude to create magnificent relationships, wealth, freedom, love, joy, and community.

About Yasmin:

Yasmin Nguyen is the founder of Vibrance Global and also known as the Gratitude MOFO (Manifestor of Fantastic Opportunities).

He believes to deepen your relationships and grow a business you love, you need to do less proving and more inspiring through compelling stories of gratitude, and develop a regular practice of expressing appreciation for your clients, prospects, and peers.

Over the last 15 years, Yasmin has been helping high-performing impact-driven entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, elite business coaches, household nonprofits, industry experts, and healthcare professionals share their powerful customer stories to attract top performers, leaders, and partnerships. He has interviewed over 400 people, helped more than 30 nonprofits, and produced 3,000+ client videos.

Find out more about Yasmin and his work at vibranceglobal.com. Follow him on TwitterInstagram and Facebook or connect with her on LinkedIn.