Jessica Williams, Founder and CEO of The Superwoman Project

Jessica Williams

Superwoman Summit Session:

Salary Negotiation: Finding Equal Pay One Woman at a Time

Negotiating your salary shouldn't be so hard. In 20 minutes learn the foundations to negotiation and spend the next 20 minutes in a facilitated conversation about getting paid what you want. Ask your questions, share your stories, collaborate with your peers. This session is all about learning, exploring your options and feeling more empowered to earn what you want in your career. 

About Jessica:

As the Founder and CEO of The Superwoman Project, Jessica is on a mission to put women in power. 

Jessica believes putting more women in positions of powerwill help the world solve some of its biggest problems — not because women are better than men, but because we need women’s voices, opinions and leadership at the table where important decisions are made.

Her service to this work is personal, and she cares deeply about the mission. Jessica knows in her heart that an empowered woman (whatever her race, religion or politics) is the change we so desperately need in the world.