Seana Yee

"Jessica shares her life story and passion honestly, authentically and packed with humor. Her life path gives me courage to branch out in my own journey. Her words of wisdom and inspiration left me wishing I had more time to write it all down and let it soak in and ask more questions, especially about her tips on salary negotiation. It's funny how words like Feminine and Woman in Leadership bring up negative imagery and experiences. But I loved how Jessica redefines and reclaims these words. I took away so much and was left wanting more."

Tiler Grossman

"Jessica has an incredible ability to immediately relate to those she is coaching. She works to meet your needs and ensures the information she is providing is of value. I entered the conversation with a minimal level of understanding as to the work required on my end to set myself up for success in my current career/company as well as externally when searching for new opportunities. I know feel confident that I have what it takes and the means necessary to succeed and find what I'm looking for professionally and personally. Thank you, Jessica!"

Glaucia Martin-Porath

"Jessica's coaching is a pure reflection of her personality and accomplishments in life. Her coaching style and philosophy are transparent in the way Jessica lives her personal and professional life and how she supports her community of women warriors. Working with Jessica is a gift and the best investment you could do for yourself and career."

Brittany Bennett

"Jessica is someone I have admired professionally for a long time. She is intelligent, patient, compassionate, and kind. She made me feel comfortable enough to be honest and even vulnerable when we were working together. A superwoman that empowers others to be the same, I am grateful to have Jessica in my network."

Stephanie Ockerman


"When I started my business, I was paralyzed by the marketing aspect.  Jessica helped me quickly get focused on the most important things for my website and communications.  She helped me create authentic, powerful messaging that I was proud of and that also received positive feedback from my community.  I continue to go to Jessica for coaching and business expertise when I'm ready to take the next step as I level-up my business."

Lauren Marrallo

"When I met Jessica a few months ago, I felt completely lost about where to take my career next. My coaching sessions with Jessica have given me the confidence, insights, and strategy to forge a new career path while remaining true to myself and my strengths. Jessica's expertise guided me from career confusion to feeling excited, curious, and open to the possibilities before me. It has been an immensely transformative experience and I highly recommend working with Jessica- no matter where you are at in your career!"

Darla Beardsley

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jessica in the last couple of months participating in her Elevate Your Career Mentorship Facebook group. I have learned so much about networking, branding and the joy of authenticity. I truly feel inspired and empowered to keep learning and growing. I look forward to future coaching opportunities and would recommend Jessica in a heartbeat."

Briana Danner

“The first time I came across Jessica’s website, I knew she was the person I needed to work with to help get my career on track. Jessica has the expertise to help me cultivate the skills I need to grow my career while remaining true to my values. Our work together over the last few months has given me the confidence and clarity I needed to make a major career shift and find more happiness in my work life. I  would absolutely recommend working with Jessica!”

Natalie A.

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jessica in both one-on-one coaching, as well as her group programs. Her inspirational and practical approach has totally transformed the way I view my career. I used to think that in order to be successful I had to leave my true self at home. Now, I understand that the only way I can be truly successful is if I bring my career into alignment with my true self. I look forward to continuing to work with her and would recommend working with her to any woman who wants to take the next step in her career."

Sagari Rao

"Jessica has been the greatest help in building my career. Not only did she prepare me for a cross country move, guiding me in making connections with the right people, she made me realize the importance of personal branding. She helped me kickstart my transformation and taught me things I never would have known had I not worked with her. I owe her a lot of the progress that I've made so far, and would recommend her to all women looking to make a revolutionary career shift!"

Colleen Sump

"Jessica presented to our undergraduate and graduate business students and did a fantastic job. Her topic — “Building a Career in Business: What Every College Student Should Know — was spot on. Clear, engaging, and full of info that anyone who wants to move their career forward should hear. We would love to have her back."

Shaelyn Watson

"Jessica led ChickTech’s three-part “Negotiation and Career Development” workshop series in January 2016. Her presentations were empowering and informative, inspiring many collectively experienced ‘ah-hah’ moments. Speaking from a deep place of truth she led really fantastic, open, vulnerable discussion amongst the attendees. She eloquently answered their questions about negotiation, networking, and advancing one’s career. Within the course of the three week series, one woman negotiated for a $5k pay raise!"

Rebecca Dittmar

"I attended the Negotiate Like a Pro workshop lead by Jessica recently, and was surprised that this was not a workshop about being more like a man to get ahead. She talked to the core of why women don’t ask for what they deserve, then encouraged us to confidently step out and use the very traits that are typically characterized as being from the “weaker sex” to be more successful at work. Her techniques feel natural, strong, and dignified. I learned practical tools and tips that not only will lead to great job satisfaction and job performance, but that I can apply to a lot of areas of my life."

Tracy Gibbs

"Jessica's coaching has completely changed my outlook, in both my professional and persona life. She has lifted me out of my job search doldrums. I have learned so much from her, from how to be more confident at networking, to tricks on how to find the right job for me based on my strengths. I'm working smarter, not harder all thanks to Jessica!"