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Embrace the Awkward!

Embrace the Awkward!

For me, going to a networking event kind of feels like going to the gym. Once I'm there, I'm happy. But getting me to go can take a real kick in the ass. 

I'd rather pour myself a glass of wine and binge on the latest episodes of The Americans instead of going through the hassle of putting on makeup, driving across town, and spending an evening mingling with strangers. 

But I do it anyway. 

When to Negotiate Your Salary

When to Negotiate Your Salary

Negotiating your salary can be one of the most stressful parts of managing your career and as we see the introduction of more types of companies, this becomes increasingly more complicated. For example, working in a startup company presents different opportunities for negotiation than working in an investment bank with a long-held structure and growth plans.

Superwoman Rules for Getting Unstuck

Superwoman Rules for Getting Unstuck

At work and in business, there often comes a time when there is not an easy solution available to you. 

A time when despite your best efforts, you can’t get someone to listen. 

A time when you repeatedly get looked over for a promotion. 

A time when you are constantly interrupted, mansplained to, discriminated against or held back. 

A time when all your potential clients say no. 

A time when your event doesn’t sell out. 

A time when you can’t find that job that you’ve been seeking. 

Whatever the situation is....when that happens, I invite you to be the change you most want to see in your life, others and the world around you. 

If there is no easy solution available and it feels hard and you feel stuck, how can you be the change you want to see in the world? 

How can you resonate with the energy of the thing you want most? 

What is The Superwoman Project All About?

What is The Superwoman Project All About?

So this happened.

I was networking at a benefit for my local NPR station, sharing a cocktail table with a crowd of women and men. The conversation was flowing and I was having a great time. The two women across the table asked me “What do you do?”

I said, “I’m a career and leadership coach for women and the name of my business is The Superwoman Project.”

This was their response: