Episode 45: A Message from Your Host, Jessica Williams

Everyone needs a break from time to time and I'm no exception. 

I've been on a radical journey of healing, self-expression and creativity this year and I'm stoked to have completed the first season of The Superwoman Chronicles. 

Forty-four episodes of rock-solid interviews with extraordinary women and sound-offs to help you achieve greater success, money and joy in your career are complete. Thanks to everyone who listened, who volunteered their time to come on the show and who offered up their praise, positive reviews and subscriptions. 

The Future

I'm going inward for the winter to devote energy to work that is cracking open inside of me, but I'll be back in the spring with a fresh new approach to the show and a whole new season to inspire, motivate and educate you to be a great leader and to excel in your career. 

In the meantime, I invite you to "be the questions to the answers you seek -- the meaning discovered there." {Rilke} Let your curiosity guide you, your creativity crack you open and your work heal you. 

With all my love and in solidarity for your success,


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