Episode 15: Andrea Leda on Being a Spiritual Leader for the Soul Seeker

Today’s episode is with sought-after coach, teacher, intuitive, and spiritual leader, Andrea Leda. 

Andrea specializes in shifting inner limits and removing negative patterns that keep you from success and joy in both your life and purpose. I am so excited to share this conversation with you because we get pretty deep into Andrea’s vision for the world and her work as a spiritual leader. We touched on many topics ranging from her own spiritual awakening to how you can start to wake up more fully to your truth and spirit in your work, business and life. 

Andrea works with individuals & groups, leads a series of popular retreats and most recently has led workshops at Nike, the Conscious Women Leadership conference, and co-teaches for the Integrative Wellness Academy.

Through techniques that include Mental Emotional Release™, coaching, energy work, intuition, and journaling exercises, she leads her clients through experiences and methods to reach their fullest potential, and to own the mantra, “We don’t interact with our world by watching it, we create our world by how we see it.” 

You can find her at andrealeda.com and check out her upcoming Awaken Your Practice Retreat in Portland, Oregon. 

I hope you enjoy! 

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