Episode 19: Maja Karlsson on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Today's episode is with Maja Karlsson. Maja (pronounced "Maya") is a leadership and life coach who brings her whole self and experiences along.

Starting her career as a registered dietitian, followed by leadership roles in the health care industry, she now works with people who up to typically have had significant success in their lives – both at work and at home – but for various reasons are now feeling stuck, unable to move forward and are now wondering if “this” is it!

Coming at her work from a place of huge curiosity, Maja weaves in concepts of wellness, leadership and emotional intelligence into all the things she does. Her “why” stems from a belief that if we all pay more attention to what is happening inside and consciously chose how we want to be in our work and lives, we will all begin to thrive in new and exciting ways!

Working both with individuals and in organizations, Maja seeks to bring the message that if we understand ourselves better and seek to build amazing relationships with others, we will be able to make better decisions, manage stress better and live the lives we truly want!

Maja has created a way for you to do some self-discovery. She’d love to offer her free gift here: Journey of Discovery – 7 Days to An Inspired You

In this lovely conversation on emotionally intelligent leadership, we dive into what it takes to be an effective leader and the challenges facing female leaders in today's workforce. I think you're just going to love this conversation and I can't wait to hear what you think!

If you’re interested in connecting with Maja, you can email her at maja@majatkarlsson.com,check out her website at www.majatkarlsson.com or on Facebook. 

I hope you enjoy!


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