Episode 21: Tallulah Bleu on Cultivating Joy and Living Artfully in Your Professional and Personal Life

I'm delighted to share today's interview with my friend, Tallulah Bleu. As an intuitive, metaphysical healer, mystic and ceremonial facilitator, Tallulah works to demystify the healing process and assist others in manifesting an inspired life of magic and miracles.

She helps her clients live life from what the Seer and mystic Almine describes as " the Poetic Perspective." The Poetic Perspective is seeing the perfection behind the appearances of your life. You begin to decode the symbols embedded in your day-to-day life interpreting them like a dream. When you peel back the appearances like a skin, the truth reveals juicy bright bits of wisdom, guidance, gifts and blessings underneath. You live from the inside out.

Not only have I known Tallulah for quite some time, but we've collaborated and worked together in a variety of ways during our friendship. She's an inspiration to me and so I'm excited to share this conversation with you. We touch on many topics including cultivating joy, living artfully, experiencing magic, inviting the help of other realms and co-creating your reality with the divine.

Contact Tallulah at tallulahbleu.com for more information on her services and to read her musings.

I hope you enjoy!



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