Episode 31: BONUS EPISODE -- Live Interviews from The World Domination Summit 2016

Today’s episode was recorded live on the streets of Portland, Oregon with women from around the globe attending this year’s World Domination Summit to answer one question, “How do you live a remarkable life in a conventional world?”

This year marked my fourth year as an attendee of WDS and so I talk a bit about my experience as a member of the World Domination Summit community as well as interview women about their professional lives and the creative and rewarding work they do to live an unconventional life. 

You’ll hear from:

  • Melissa Jones, founder of RouxRoamer.Com about her work as a photographer, writer and traveler. 
  • Activation coach, inspiration generator and purpose finder, Marli Williams about her Year of Yes program and how she helps clients go from “stuck to stoked.”
  • Sarah Andrews, founder of Oracle Playtime, as she leads us through an example of how she helps clients play with their world and immediate surroundings to access inner wisdom. 

In addition, I’m so EXCITED to introduce my friend and a member of The Superwoman Society in Portland, Oregon, Natalie Ayers:

Natalie is a public relations and marketing maven based in Portland, Oregon whose superpower is storytelling. So I invited Natalie to come on The Superwoman Chronicles to host interviews at The Superwoman Project Meetup as part of The World Domination Summit. 

The Superwoman Project Meetup at WDS 2016

The Superwoman Project Meetup at WDS 2016

Natalie did a stellar job interviewing The Superwoman Project attendees while I hosted the event in downtown Portland. In her segment, you’ll hear from:

  • Rebecca Palmer who helps entrepreneurs in crisis, challenge or change with strategies and conversations. 
  • Rebecca Smith, blogger, coach and an all around inspiration at FoodLaughterLove.Com.
  • Mieke Huizinga, the director of Smiley Notes, a nonprofit that provides music lessons for small children and their families. Mieke is also a music director for Angels on Stage, a nonprofit that enhances the lives of kids with special needs through performing arts. 

Also mentioned in this episode:

Here are a few photos of me and my closest WDS friends goofing off at the closing party:

Special thanks to Natalie Ayers, Stephanie Ockerman, Stephanie Zito and Jill Knouse for your support during WDS this year. 

I hope you enjoy this special bonus episode (because I had so much fun recording it!)

With love,


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