Episode 33: Mary Nichols on Being a Mother and Building Brands

Today's interview is with mother of six and marketer extraordinaire, Mary Nichols.  

There are so many things I love about this conversation! We talk about her journey to becoming a leader in the marketing industry while also raising six(!) children. I cannot even imagine! 

I appreciate Mary’s willingness to have an honest conversation about the challenges of being a mother and rising to a position of leadership in her industry. She provides very practical ideas for working moms and those working in the marketing and branding fields. From solutions like the “chore board” and hiring an au pair, to how to build your own business…this is a real conversation with a real-life super woman that you don’t want to miss. 
Mary has an extensive marketing background, having worked with both major brands and small businesses across the country. 

A winner of the American Marketing Association’s Master of Marketing award, Mary was bitten by the marketing bug as a little girl, sitting in on her real-life Don Draper dad’s pitches at the famed Leo Burnett agency. 

When Mary’s not obsessing over clients and marketing campaigns, you can find her volunteering for Street Roots (a newspaper that creates income opportunities for those in poverty), promoting Portland’s emerging fashion industry, serving on the board of the Portland Social Media Club, and keeping fit by trying to stay at least one step ahead of her kids. You can connect with Mary at Karmic Marketing or on LinkedIn

Topics discussed in today's interview include:

  • Managing a family and a full-time job
  • Taking risks in business
  • Writing a LinkedIn profile that includes your time as a mom
  • Proposal writing for marketing and branding consultants
  • Working for big brands

I hope you enjoy!

With love,


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