Episode 86: Jennifer Kern Collins on The Drama Free Way

Jennifer Kern Collins

This week, Jennifer Kern Collins shares her insight into transforming your life from the inside out.

Jennifer Kern Collins is a professional coach, award-winning author of The Drama-Free Way: A Thought-Management Guide to Navigating Chaos and Thriving, and is an expert in guiding people to transform their lives from the inside out. She is known for providing concepts, skills and easy-to-apply tools that help people effectively manage their thoughts and emotions to optimize their results in life, while also enjoying the journey. 

Jennifer is a certified Neuro-Transformational Coach, has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Masters in Psychology. She established her business, Intrinsic SOULutions, in 2009 where she helps individuals, groups, and organizations effectively navigate the chaos inherent in our world today to experience deeper peace, purpose, and success, with ease and fun along the way.

When she’s not busy enjoying in her work, Jennifer loves: Salsa dancing, painting, biking, traveling, and lounging about doing absolutely nothing.

We touch on topics including:

  • How to navigate drama (especially drama you don't know you are creating!)
  • Jennifer's story and how she overcame destructive thought patterns
  • The source of our thought patterns 
  • Daily tricks for calming yourself and getting into alignment

You can find out more about Jennifer at jenniferkerncollins.com and on social media: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

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