Episode 49: Marli Williams on Saying YES to Yourself

Today's interview is with the incredible Marli Williams

Marli is a speaker, facilitator, activation coach, purpose finder and inspiration generator who's mission in life is to inspire and empower people to get out of their own damn way so they can go from stuck to STOKED!

She does this through energizing presentations, rejuvenating retreats, dynamic programs, intentional workshops and transformational personal coaching. She believes that everyone has the potential to fulfill their hopes and dreams and her biggest goal is to provide both the inspiration and the tools to make that possible.

To find out more about Marli's work, check out her website: www.marliwilliams.com

In this week's conversation we discuss the power of saying YES to yourself so that you can go from stuck to stoked! In Marli's words, YES stands for YOUR EMPOWERED SUCCESS and she takes us into what it means to experience success from an empowered, authentic place. 

Discover what can happen when you say yes to your dreams. Learn steps you can take to own your gifts and say YES today. Get the inspiration you need to (and a pep talk or two) to go the extra mile. 

"It's time to shine baby, it is time to rise. To show up unapologetically as leaders, as visionaries, as creators, as people who have a message to share. The world is hungry for it." ~ Marli Williams

And as a bonus, Marli has a special offer just for you: 

Go to www.peptalkswithmarli.com to receive EXCLUSIVE access to EVERY Pep Talk that Marli has ever given. This is the FIRST TIME EVER that you will have access to these short and sweet videos that have been uniquely designed to help you go from stuck to STOKED so you can get out of your own way and rock out your life like a boss!

Connect with Marli on Facebook, LinkedInTwitter, or Instagram today. And register for The Superwoman Summit to see Marli live in action October 20-22, 2017 in Portland, Oregon. 

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