Episode 50: Vanessa Van Edwards on Nonverbal Behaviors for Female Leaders

In today's episode, I'm honored to talk to Vanessa Van Edwards, the lead investigator at Science of People, a human behavior research lab.

Vanessa talks about her journey as an entrepreneur and provides awesome tips and tricks you can use to position yourself as a leader in your career. From first impressions to negotiating your salary, I think you're going to learn a TON in this 30 minute conversation with one of my favorite public speakers. We also talk about the inspiration for her latest book, Captivate, which was chosen as one of Apple’s Most Anticipated Books of 2017.

Because Vanessa is fascinated by body language, leadership and charisma and writes about these topics for CNN, Fast Company and Forbes she makes an excellent guest for The Superwoman Chronicles where our mission is to put more women in positions of power. You might have also Vanessa's work in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Huffington Post, NPR, Business Week and USA Today. 

Insights and takeways include:

  • What you don't know about your own first impression
  • Micro-cues that position you as warm, likable and trustworthy
  • Nonverbal tips for negotiating your salary
  • How to demonstrate leadership nonverbally
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