Episode 53: Emma Mayberry on the Gender Pay Gap

Today's episode features a special guest working hard to close the gender pay gap in Seattle, WA, a city with one of the worst wage gaps in the nation. 

Emma Mayberry is the Director of 100% Talent, a joint initiative between the Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Funding Alliance.

In her role, Emma oversees programming, outreach, community partnerships and more dedicated to highlighting best practices by local businesses to reduce the gender wage gap. She also works with the Chamber’s external relations department on the latest research and policy analysis related to gender equity.

Yes Seattle has one of the worst wage gaps in the nation and 100% Talent is a collaboration of organizations working to fix it. 

Emma would love to see you at the Wage Gap Summit on May 23! Hear the latest data on the King County wage gap, how it affects our regional competitiveness, and actionable ways local employers AND YOU can close it.


In today's episode Emma explains why the gender pay is NO myth and she takes us into some of the latest research that proves the gender wage gap exists. We also discuss:

  • What organizations are doing to close the gender pay gap in Seattle
  • Why negotiating your salary is important to collectively closing the wage gap
  • What works and what doesn't when it comes to diversity and inclusion training
  • Emma's personal experience with the gender inequality in the workplace
  • What to expect at 100 Percent Talent Summit and why you should attend

In my work, this topic is deeply important so I cannot wait to share this conversation with you. You're guaranteed to learn a lot and be inspired. 

Connect with Emma on LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Email her at emmam@seattlechamber.com.

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