Episode 55: Michael Knouse on Work, Play and Love

Today's episode is with Michael Knouse, THE Coach for Visionary Business Builders and High Performing Entrepreneurs. He hosts The Startup Sessions Podcast and is the creator of The Council of Visionary Business Builders.

I know, I know! You're thinking, "But Jessica...I thought this podcast was a conversation project with extraordinary women?!" And indeed it is, BUT there are some men out there that I believe can add extraordinary value to the conversation about women in leadership, career and business. AND Michael Knouse is definitely one of them. 

Also, I truly believe that if we leave our male colleagues out of the discussion on equality in work and business, then we're missing half of the equation. This is why I've invited men like Michael to the stage at the first annual Superwoman Summit

Michael empowers mission-driven business leaders to achieve their full human potential through entrepreneurship and he has some beautiful words of wisdom to share with you today. Whether you're a business builder, a corporate leader, a creative or a full-time mom this episode is for you. 

Some of the topics we touch on are:

  • The intersection of work, play and love
  • Creating a freedom schedule
  • Building community and collaborating with others
  • Michael's advice for female leaders in a masculine economy

You can connect with Michael by emailing him at michael@thestartupsessions.com, following him on Twitter and Instagram @MichaelKnouse, liking him on Facebook, or connecting with him on LinkedIn. You can also listen to his podcast The Startup Sessions or check out The Council of Visionary Business Builders


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