Episode 57: Andrea Leda on Your Money Blocks

Today's conversation is with Andrea Leda on the relationship you have to money -- a topic I know you're just going to love! 

Andrea Leda has been called “the Life Coach Guru” and “a force to be reckoned with who truly makes this world go round.” As a sought-after master coach, intuitive, and spiritual leader, she specializes in shifting inner limits and removing negative patterns that keep you from success and joy in both your life and business. 

Side note: Andrea will be joining me on June 22, 2017 at The Superwoman Society in Portland, Oregon to talk on this topic. Register today! Tickets are going fast. 

Andrea founded Awaken School™ and is on a mission to usher in the next wave of key influencers and thought leaders for a more harmonious future. Through techniques that include Mental Emotional Release™, coaching, energy work, NLP, intuition, and journaling exercises, she leads her clients and organizations such as Nike, the ICF, and numerous summits through experiences and methods to reach their fullest potential, and to own the mantra, “We don’t interact with our world by watching it, we create our world by how we see it.”  

This conversation may introduce to you a totally new way of looking at money. It might also light your shit up. But I hope it inspires you to examine your relationship to money, your money blocks and your beliefs around money before you enroll another client or negotiate your salary. 

Give it a try! This work is truly transformational. 

You can connect with Andrea at AndreaLeda.Com

With love,


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