Episode 58: Melissa Jaffe on Business Law for Entrepreneurs

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Melissa Jaffe, the owner and principal attorney of the boutique transactional and IP firm for creative individuals and businesses.

Her firm guides international creative companies, start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists through tricky legal terrain with confidence and efficiency. Melissa is an artist, herself, and understands how to work closely with creative individuals using patience, grace, and regular language (not only "legal speak").

She is also a yoga teacher and regular meditator. Over two decades of dedicated personal meditation and yoga practice helps Melissa maintain focus and presence, and "keep it real" with clients. Melissa takes time to truly listen and understand her clients' vision and unique circumstances. Each attorney in the firm is selected because of their unique commitment to not only law, but treating individuals with compassion, presence, and exemplary service. 

In today's episode Melissa talks about the different components of law relevant to intellectual property, contracts and protecting your rights as a business owner. 

We touched on:

  • The difference between copyright, trademark and patents
  • Why "boiler plate" language in a contract is risky for a business owner
  • The power of law as a common thread across all aspects of business
  • The intersection of creativity and law

I hope you enjoy this episode and learn a few things along the way! I know I did. 

Be sure to connect with Melissa at www.mbjaffelaw.com and check out her online program, Blissness School to learn more about the law at your own pace. 

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