Episode 56: Elisa Hays on a Crash Course in Leadership

This week on The Superwoman Chronicles, Elisa Hays shares the heroic story behind her career as an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker. 

If you want extraordinary leadership in your company, team or family you have to hear her astonishing story. After an 18-wheeler truck going 65 miles-per-hour hit her body, she was propelled 90 feet through the air and ultimately into the position she is in now as a speaker, consultant and executive coach empowering organizations, individuals and audiences internationally. 

I feel so honored to share this conversation with you. Elisa is not only an inspiration, but she's pretty damn funny to boot. 

In this episode you'll be inspired to think about how you would respond if faced with a life or death choice in leadership (which I hope you never have to experience). Elisa's story inspired us to talk about what it means to be a great leader and how you can apply some of the lessons she learned in your own journey to being a powerful influence in your professional and personal life. 

You can learn more about Elisa's work at elisahays.com, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram, connect with her on LinkedIn, and like her on Facebook

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