Episode 64: Anna Liotta on Communicating Across Generations in Business

Today's episode is truly fantastic! You guys are going to LOVE Anna and her advice around leading, selling and serving to the generations. 

Anna Liotta, MA, CSP is an award-winning speaker, business consultant and author with a deep understanding of how generational demographics and dynamics can affect the landscape of business. 

Early in her consulting career, Anna noticed a common theme: a fundamental lack of understanding between different generations within an organization that hindered trust, alignment and long-term success. 

Further, this generational misinterpretation or breakdown, was occurring across many different industries from high-tech to manufacturing, wealth management to legal services, and medical care to, insurance solutions. Anna chose to make alignment and understanding across generations her mission. 

The founder of The Generational Institute™ and author of Unlocking Generational CODES Anna leverages her Generationally Savvy Communication Solutions™ programs to help clients develop strategies for optimal communications across generations. 

Anna’s clients range from consulting with the PGA of America to the NBA, from Amazon.com to Mayflower.

Anna holds a Master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication and has more than 15 years of experience in the field of intergenerational inclusion, communication and leadership. Anna is an adjunct faculty member in the University of Washington’s Executive MBA program, and she also serves as the chair of the institutional advancement committee on the board of trustees at Antioch University, as the President of the Columbia Tower Club and as a National Board Member for the National Speakers Association. 

Perhaps most importantly, Anna grew up in a household of six generations, giving her an insider’s view into generational communication. In addition, she is the youngest girl of nineteen children, which means that each Thanksgiving, graduation, or wedding gathering is a fascinating case study in multi-generational communication.

Topics discussed in today's interview include:

  • What to consider about the Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial and Global generations when it comes to communicating in business. 
  • How women tend to treat other women across generations and what to do about it
  • Why this work matters to your success in business, entrepreneurship and your career

Please connect with Anna at http://www.annaliotta.com/ and on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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