Episode 66: Michelle Gay on Owning Your Power

This week I'm super excited to share this conversation with my friend and collaborator, Michelle Gay

Michelle is the owner of V.I.A.BLE Business Consulting. As a business consultant, her focus is helping businesses uncover their “why” and develop systems and processes to support it. She works to incorporate elements into the business that are important to owners and teaches them how to create an environment that everyone can thrive in. She helps owners go inside and find the internal drivers for their business instead of focusing in the external drivers that we tend to get caught up in. Together they create an environment of growth and opportunity for everyone involved.

Michelle has a talent for breaking things down to a simple, easily understood language that makes the process accessible for everyone. She uses a variety of tools and tactics to access
her clients which at times even includes reading children's books (which I love!). 

In today's episode we discuss:

  • What it means to own your power
  • The power of knowing your values in leadership
  • Michelle's journey as a mother and an entrepreneur
  • Advice for small business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders

Connect with Michelle at viablebc.com and on Instagram and LinkedIn. See her speak at the First Annual Superwoman Summit by registering today! 

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