Episode 62: Gary Hirsch on Lessons From the World of Improv

I'm thrilled to share today's interview with you! My friend Gary Hirsch is a talented improvisation expert, visual artist and social change agent bringing laughter, joy and art to everything he does. 

I was first introduced to Gary when he spoke on the main stage at The World Domination Summit and then again through TEDxConcordia and Creative Mornings. He is one of those people that continually inspires me to be more creative, spontaneous and relaxed in everything I do. 

Gary co-founded On Your Feet, a consultancy that uses principles of improv to help companies around the world relate, create, and collaborate. Some of their clients include Disney, Netflix, Nike and Apple, just to name a few. 

I've sat in on his team building workshops and attended many of his improv workshops, and I find his approach to business, leadership and entrepreneurship invaluable. 

Gary is also a voracious doodler and draws on everything. Currently, he is drawing over 30,000 robots that he launches into the world to help make it a slightly better place. You can learn more about that project at botjoy.com.

In October, Gary will be speaking at the First Annual Superwoman Summit in Portland, Oregon (tickets are on sale now) so be sure to join us then to catch Gary on the main stage. 

Topics discussed in today's episode include:

  • What improv can teach you about being a better leader
  • The power of managing uncertainty in your professional life
  • Gary's unique approach to improv and why it matters

You can also connect with Gary on Twitter @oyfimprov, on Instagram, on Facebook and LinkedIn

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