Episode 73: Yasmin Nguyen on Gratitude Inspired Living

Yasmin Nguyen

Today's episode is with my friend and Superwoman Summit speaker, Yasmin Nguyen. Yasmin is one of those guys that embodies all the values we represent here at the Superwoman Project. 

Over the last 15 years, Yasmin Nguyen has been helping high-performing impact-driven entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, elite business coaches, household nonprofits, industry experts, and healthcare professionals share their powerful customer stories to build trust and open the doors to business, partnerships, and philanthropy.

He has interviewed over 400 people, helped more than 30 nonprofits, to produced 3,000+ client videos. He is the founder of Vibrance Global, an organization committed to implementing innovations around gratitude and trust to build business connections and growth. To some, he known as the "trust dealer" and others the "Gratitude MOFO (Manifester of Fantastic Opportunities)".

He believes that:
-The true currency of business and relationships is trust. 
-Gratitude is the engine that drives trust.
-Our champions are waiting for an opportunity to make difference.
-When we witness a genuine moment of connection, we experience trust.
-To achieve extraordinary results, we must have a story, a strategy, and trust.
-When we share passion, gratitude, and impact, we inspire others to take action

Through these core beliefs, he has developed the "Gratitude Inspire Sales" method to help organizations inspire more business opportunities. This initiative is the cornerstone of a global mission to expand its impact through the formation of the “Gratitude Institute for Organizational Growth”.

Every week, Yasmin practices at least one day of “retirement” to explore, reflect, recharge, and appreciate beauty, relationships, and opportunities around him so that he can continue to serve from a place of abundance and gratitude.

In today's episode we talked about:

  • Yasmin's journey to becoming an entrepreneur
  • How you can incorporate gratitude into your daily practices to support healthier living
  • The power of gratitude in the workplace
  • Gratitude hacks to make practicing gratitude easier

You can connect with Yasmin at vibranceglobal.com and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  And be sure to attend the Superwoman Summit to see Yasmin speak by registering today! 

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