Episode 96: Stephanie Ockerman on Creating Culture Change in Your Organization

Stephanie Ockerman

Today’s episode is with Stephanie Ockerman.

This is Stephanie's second time on the podcast and you can listen to our first conversation way back at Episode 54. We've invited her back this time to talk about how to create culture change in your organization, agile mindset at work, servant leadership as a way of being and negotiating challenges and opportunities at work. 

Stephanie is a Co-Active Coach, Professional Scrum Trainer, and Steward of the Professional Scrum Master Curriculum for Scrum.org.

She help teams effectively use Scrum and an agile mindset to build amazing products with a focus on value and fast feedback. Stephanie also helps people amplify their impact as agile leaders.

I'm so excited to share this conversation! If you like what Stephanie has to say, you can meet her at this year's Superwoman Summit where she'll be leading a workshop intensive to support your leadership development. Register at superwomansummit.com.

In this episode we dive deep into some of the following topics:

  • How to facilitate culture change in your organization
  • Servant leadership as a way of being
  • Being in a state of flow at work
  • Coaching and facilitation in leadership
  • Negotiating challenges and opportunities at work

You can find Stephanie over at AgileSocks.Com and on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook


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