Episode 101: Natalie McGuire on Building a Successful Business as a Web Designer

Natalie McGuire

Today’s episode is with award-winner designer, Natalie McGuire

Natalie creates web designs and digital strategy with beauty and brains for purpose-driven solopreneurs. She knows your website shouldn't just be a pretty picture online, it should get results, too. 

She takes a design-meets-strategy fueled approach to her work, and works with clients, like PBS, David Siteman Garland from The Rise to the Top, and Amy Porterfield. She's also a Mentor & Coach for other designers looking to level up the business side of their design business by showing them how to bring in more prospects, manage clients, balance their projects, set income goals, and more. 

She believes the world is a prettier place when you make money doing what you love, and enjoy a few beers in the process.

In today's episode we discussed:

  • Natalie's career journey to becoming a freelance designer
  • When Natalie knew it was time to take the leap into entrepreneurship
  • How Natalie worked on her self-confidence to start charging for her creations
  • How to work with your limiting beliefs so that you can follow your dreams
  • Natalie's advice to entrepreneurs on web design (DIY versus custom designs)
  • Natalie's unique talent for balancing design and empathy for her clients
  • The impact of design on our culture and society
  • How to be more inclusive when designing websites
  • The kind of mindset you need to have to succeed as an entrepreneur

Also the last 40 minutes of this episode is super fun! Natalie had some great questions for me and we had such a great time. I hope you enjoy! 

Connect with Natalie at www.nataliemcguiredesign.com and on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.

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