Episode 102: Heather Laptalo on Overcoming the Odds

Heather Laptalo

In this week's episode I'm thrilled to share a discussion with Heather Laptalo on Overcoming the Odds. 

Heather Laptalo is an adventurer, storyteller and sponsored athlete. Even though doctors once labeled her as deformed and disabled, she is now described as "addicted to high altitudes, obsessed with open vistas, and a little too excited about heart-pounding suffer-fests that challenge her mental and physical boundaries."

Now she is telling her incredible journey to becoming an adventure athlete and elite runner despite all odds. I so enjoyed this conversation about:

  • How she overcame her physical disabilities to become an elite athlete
  • What she learned from this journey of overcoming the odds against her
  • What you can do in your own life to achieve your goals despite overwhelming challenges and setbacks

You can connect with Heather at www.heatherlaptalo.com and on LinkedIn and Instagram

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