Episode 17: Megan Devine on Finding Your Voice While Being of Use

Megan Devine is the founder of Refuge in Grief, and the author of Everything is Not Okay: practical tools to help you stay in your heart & not lose your mind.

She’s a licensed clinical counselor, writer, and widow. Her Writing Your Grief courses have connected grieving people all around the world, helping them speak the truth about their pain. She’s a sought-after speaker and workshop leader, known for her inability to tolerate platitudes and stick-a-rainbow-on-it solutions to pain.

In this truly honest conversation about finding your calling and building your body of work we discuss the beauty and hardships of finding your way as a woman. 

I love this interview because Megan is a straight-shooter and she has a talent for talking about hard topics like death and grief with an incredible sense of grace and ease. We ended up having an incredibly transparent conversation on specific gender issues that are a reality for many modern women and how you can overcome them. We get really deep on what it means to claim your voice and your space as a woman. So I hope you'll take a listen. 

I hope you enjoy!

With love,

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