Episode 97: Nicole Antoinette on Podcasting, Doing Hard Things and Changing Your Life

Nicole Antoinette

This week's episode is with the incredible Nicole Antoinette on podcasting, doing hard things and changing your life.

Nicole Antoinette is a writer and host of the Real Talk Radio podcast, where people come together to have honest conversations about their real lives. A recovering self-help junkie and former goal-setting coach, Nicole is obsessed with helping people get to the heart of what’s true without judgement, and with exploring how we can use grit and grace to close the gap between what we say we want and what we actually do.

In her offline life, Nicole is a long-distance hiker and newbie outdoors-person. In 2016 she completed the 460-mile Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail, and in 2017 she thru-hiked all 800 miles of the Arizona Trail. In July of 2018 she’ll begin southbound hiking all 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, and you can find her stories of being a beginning in the wilderness at citygirlgonewild.com.

In today's episode we go behind the scenes of the Real Talk Radio Podcast, and the Patreon Community that supports Nicole's work. We also dive into the following topics:

  • The gap between what we say and what we do
  • How to create change in your life
  • Nicole's journey to sobriety
  • The power of doing hard things

Listen to Nicole's podcast at nicoleantoinette.com/podcast and follow her on Instagram  and Twitter

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