Episode 95: Susan Lustenberger on Spirituality for Entrepreneurs

Susan Lustenberger

Today's episode is with Susan Lustenberger on bringing spirituality into your work as an entrepreneur.

Susan is an author, speaker, and medium, and she acts as Chief Prosperity Officer to entrepreneurs and corporations worldwide.

Through her mediumship, Susan has guided thousands of clients in creating vast wealth, success and whole life prosperity through infusing Spiritual Consciousness in their businesses. Susan also works with clients implementing business frameworks such as the Corporate Chakra System and self realization programs such as the Think Speak Be for high accelerating executives.

She also works privately with people seeking happiness, fulfillment and authenticity in their personal lives. Her book, Intuitive Excellence in Leadership is due out August 2018.

In this episode we explore such topics as :

  • Bringing spirituality into your business
  • How does manifestation really work
  • The importance of determining if your feelings are your own or someone else's
  • The congruency of love and abundance
  • The evolution of leadership for women in the professional world

You can connect with Susan @ susanlustenberger.com and on social media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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