Hi! I’m Jessica Williams, founder of the Superwoman Project. We help women find more meaning, clarity and purpose in their lives and careers through coaching, training and live events.

If you feel lost, overwhelmed and confused about the direction your life is taking then you’re in the right place. Whether you want to find a new job, up-level your current one, make a difference in your community, be a better leader at work, travel more or put some juice into that business you’ve been thinking about we can help.


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“Jessica's expertise guided me from career confusion to feeling excited, curious, and open to the possibilities before me. It has been an immensely transformative experience and I highly recommend working with Jessica — no matter where you are at in your career!”



“Shortly after attending one of the Superwoman Project's workshops and six months after the Superwoman Summit, I had an amazing career opportunity present itself. With the tools I absorbed, I was able to confidently advocate for myself with a new sense of self worth and goal clarity. I delivered my asks, and held steadfast to my non-negotiable terms. I landed that executive role and got what I asked for! This work she is doing is truly invaluable!”



"Jessica coached me during a career transition two years ago and I am now woking in my desired field and have increased my annual salary by $30k using tips from her salary negotiation course. Recently, I had the honor and the privilege of hiring Jessica to speak at an event for International Women's Day and she did not disappoint. Every woman needs to know how to negotiate their salary like a pro so that we can all do our part to close the wage gap. Want to expedite the process? Hire Jessica."



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