October 20-22, 2017

The 2017 Superwoman Summit is a three day event held in Portland, Oregon for individuals in leadership who feel called to transform themselves and the system to support the career development of strong, successful, women leaders. Join us at The Embassy Suites in Downtown Portland for an incredible experience of inspiration, conversation, play and activation.



We aim to inspire, educate and motivate you so that you experience real transformation over these three days. Sustainable and effective change will require a deep understanding of the problem, a commitment to having radically transparent conversations and an intent to be of service to one another, and that’s what makes this leadership summit different than all the rest. If you want change, if you long to be the change, then you're going to love what we have in planned! 



The Superwoman Summit is proud to present influential leaders, change agents, authors, coaches and thought leaders driving the conversation in this area of women’s leadership. There will be main stage talks combined with breakout sessions and small groups. We will also facilitate challenging conversations on emotional intelligence, mindfulness, creativity and tactics that drive positive change for the future of women leaders and their organizations.



Not only have we invited some of the most formative thought leaders on the subject, but we’ve also invited our men colleagues to the stage. We believe that excluding them from the conversation is an error as they are equally craving solutions to these problems:

  • Equal pay for women and men
  • Equal opportunity for promotion, responsibility, creativity and leadership for both women and men
  • Equal contribution from women and men in the boardroom, on teams and at meetings
  • Equal voice for projects, solutions and ideas
  • A supportive, collaborative and innovative work culture for all.



This summit is guaranteed to benefit you and your organization by helping you become a more confident, effective and successful leader. Learn more and register to attend.

The Superwoman Summit 2017 is a unique opportunity to get your message in front of high-performing, influential, professional women who are your target consumers, customers and brand ambassadors.

We are recruiting volunteers and partners to support the summit in promotion and day of event logistics. Please send us a note and let us know how you'd like to get involved! We can't wait to hear from you. 


This summit is right for you if:

  • You believe leadership development is about self-development
  • You are an ambitious, smart, mindful and open-minded professional
  • You crave deeper connection, conversation, collaboration and learning
  • You long to be inspired
  • You believe something has to change and are committed to being the change
  • You and/or your organization is committed to your professional growth and development

This summit is guaranteed to benefit you and your organization by helping you become a more confident, effective and successful leader. Your organization and your business will benefit through your increased confidence, creativity, collaboration, leadership and innovative thinking skills. By attending this summit you will increase your company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. We encourage you to ask your employer for financial assistance so that you can attend.

At The 2017 Superwoman Summit these are just some of the topics we'll be covering:

  • Community building to support your leadership goals
  • Using intuition and your body as a guiding compass for success in the workplace
  • Tapping mindfulness techniques and your creativity to be more effective at work
  • Conversations about the glass ceiling
  • How to manage up and down the chain of command to cultivate effective women leaders
  • Thriving in the new world of work for modern day leaders
  • Personal branding and thought leadership to support you and your organization’s goals
  • Being authentic and tapping your true nature in the workplace for more sustainable and healthy work cultures
  • Bringing innovative thinking to your personal and organizational growth
  • The yin-yang of business: combining your masculine and feminine powers at work for a greater competitive advantage
  • Systematic thinking and problem solving to support great leadership

BONUS OFFER: 10 Calls for 10 Months

As part of our commitment to helping female leaders thrive in the workplace, we're going to do 10 FREE group calls over the next 10 months leading up to The Superwoman Summit 2017.

This group coaching call is for all women and men in leadership who feel called to transform themselves and the system to support the career development of strong, successful, female leaders.


Contact jessica@superwomanproject.com for further information. 


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