Episode 52: Michelle Hawk on Integrating the Divine Feminine and Masculine

In today's episode, I'm thrilled to share this conversation with my friend and colleague, Michelle Hawk on what is possible when we integrate the divine feminine and masculine inside ourselves. 

I met Michelle at a planning meeting for the 2nd Annual Empowered Event where we will both take the stage to inspire you to feel more embodied and empowered. 


As part of my community, please use "SPEAKER" code to get $50 off the ticket price and don't miss this special event!

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Episode 51: Jennifer Alyse on the Power of Personal Leadership

In today's episode, I'm SUPER excited to share this conversation with my friend Jennifer Alyse. 

Jennifer is a professional photographer and a speaker working throughout the country with leading female entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders. She uses photography and public speaking as vehicles to promote personal, social, environmental and spiritual development. Her work has been on the pages of multiple publications and most recently has been featured on the cover of Mindful Magazine.

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Episode 50: Vanessa Van Edwards on Nonverbal Behaviors for Female Leaders

In today's episode, I'm honored to talk to Vanessa Van Edwards, the lead investigator at Science of People, a human behavior research lab.

Vanessa talks about her journey as an entrepreneur and provides awesome tips and tricks you can use to position yourself as a leader in your career. From first impressions to negotiating your salary, I think you're going to learn a TON in this 30 minute conversation with one of my favorite public speakers. We also talk about the inspiration for her latest book, Captivate, which was chosen as one of Apple’s Most Anticipated Books of 2017.

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Episode 49: Marli Williams on Saying YES to Yourself

Marli is a speaker, facilitator, activation coach, purpose finder and inspiration generator who's mission in life is to inspire and empower people to get out of their own damn way so they can go from stuck to STOKED!

She does this through energizing presentations, rejuvenating retreats, dynamic programs, intentional workshops and transformational personal coaching. She believes that everyone has the potential to fulfill their hopes and dreams and her biggest goal is to provide both the inspiration and the tools to make that possible.

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Episode 48: Amy Smalarz on Living Intentionally

Amy is a certified High Performance Coach, host of the successful Living Intentionally Podcast, a contributor to the Huffington Post, and author of “Living Intentionally: How to Bring Balance to You and Your Family.

Amy’s mission is to help people discover how to live Intentionally and empower themselves in their personal lives and in business. You can find her at amysmalarz.com

In today’s episode, we discuss the power of intentional living and how you can succeed by setting the right intentions.

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Episode 47: Changing the System from Within with Lori Harris

Changing the current system where women are paid less than men and where women occupy just a fraction of the leadership positions at corporations around the world is not an easy undertaking. In fact, it can be downright daunting to think about. But today’s guest saw an opportunity to do this level of work within the Fortune 100 company where she has worked for almost 20 years, and she seized it.

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Episode 45: A Message from Your Host, Jessica Williams

Everyone needs a break from time to time and I'm no exception. 

I've been on a radical journey of healing, self-expression and creativity this year and I'm stoked to have completed the first season of The Superwoman Chronicles. 

Forty-four episodes of rock-solid interviews with extraordinary women and sound-offs to help you achieve greater success, money and joy in your career are complete. Thanks to everyone who listened, who volunteered their time to come on the show and who offered up their praise, positive reviews and subscriptions. 

The Future

I'm going inward for the winter to devote energy to work that is cracking open inside of me, but I'll be back in the spring with a fresh new approach to the show and a whole new season to inspire, motivate and educate you to be a great leader and to excel in your career. 

In the meantime, I invite you to "be the questions to the answers you seek -- the meaning discovered there." {Rilke} Let your curiosity guide you, your creativity crack you open and your work heal you. 

With all my love and in solidarity for your success,


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Episode 44: Elaine McGhee on Thriving Working Moms

Today’s guest is Elaine McGhee, founder of ThriveMomma.com.

Elaine is a Working Mom Support Coach on a mission to empower moms. From her own emotionally traumatic return to work after her first child, ThriveMomma.com was born. 

Elaine blends research, expert collaboration, training in motivational interviewing and a passion for mindfulness to help moms thrive as working mothers. She coaches clients on the topics of return-to-work readiness, time management and mindful living.

Building upon her many years working in corporate America, Elaine now helps corporations retain female employees with her return to work programs and transition coaching.

We discuss topics such as:

  • Transition coaching for working mothers
  • Corporate consulting for greater employee satisfaction
  • Challenges facing working moms from returning to work after maternity leave and managing responsibilities

I hope you enjoy!

With love,


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Episode 43: Danielle Savory on Self-Empowerment Through Intimacy

Today's episode is with my friend and colleague, Danielle Savory

Danielle started The Practice of Pleasure, a female focused company, because her wish is that every woman feel free and happy being exactly who she is and loving ALL that she is - that she can see her own beauty, allow the full range of her emotions, know how to give herself the kind of love and attention she gives others, and not be bullied by the inner-self-criticizing a-hole. Her mission is to help women find the courage and provide them with the guidance to do this.

Danielle believes that when we take a closer look at our sexuality and intimacy, battles and challenges from other parts of our lives also show up -- insecurities, resistances, compassion for ourselves and others, the ability to seek out pleasure and receive it, boundaries, focus, you name it -- all tucked into how we relate to our vagina and her accessories. Going after and communicating what you want, and making pleasure and joy a priority in your life is the most empowering gift you can give yourself, and it’s a much more fun and fulfilling way to live!

Every woman has the potential to experience extreme pleasure, wholeness, and happiness and Danielle helps women see this potential and realize it through classes, events, workshops, coaching, and sisterhood.

She is a certified Life Coach by Dr. Martha Beck, certified yoga teacher, and trained in meditation, mindful self-compassion and a trained mind-body coach. Her biology and neuroscience education complement these ancient and modern teachings and allow her to bridge the gap between science and the ‘woo-woo.’ Her approach is matter-of-fact, personable and humorous, sprinkled with a sh*t load of love.

I think you're going to love this episode as we dive into:

  • Sexual pleasure and intimacy as self-empowerment
  • Danielle's Kickstarter "Craft Your Coochie Kit"
  • Her story for becoming a life coach that specializes in mindfulness, sex and pleasure

I hope you enjoy!

With love,


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Episode 42: Deena Pierott on Diversity and Inclusion

In today's episode, I had the pleasure of spending time with Deena Pierott, founder of the award winning Mosaic Blueprint, a Pacific NW firm specializing in diversity consulting and recruiting, career readiness and mapping, and multicultural branding.

We talked about her long career as a change-agent in bringing diversity and inclusion to our workplaces. Deena was awarded The White House Champion of Change Award in 2013 and more recently she won a Global Impact Award in 2016. 

Always an advocate for equity and inclusion, Deena has framed all of her social enterprise brands under that umbrella. She has also successfully launched a STEM+C program for youth of color called the iUrban Teen which she has received national recognition for its work with youth and families.  Ms. Pierott is also a public speaker, speaking on topics such as Every Day Biases in the Workplace, The Art of Leadership, Women's Leadership, Women and the Hidden Color Barrier, and Diversity Recruiting and Retention. Deena Pierott has both corporate and public sector experience working for companies such as Exxon, Mattel Toys, Hughes Aircraft, and the City of Portland.

She holds the following awards and honors:

  • Global Impact Award 2016
  • Whitney M. Young Award 2015
  • Black Enterprise Magazine Innovator 2013
  • White House Champion of Change 2013
  • Ebony Magazine Power 100 List 2013
  • Rockefeller Innovation Award Nominee 2013
  • Business Journal Orchid Award 2013
  • The Delta's Woman of Excellence 2011
  • MED Week Minority Business of the Year 2010

She recently created the Portland Metro Diversity Employment Network which consists of over 90 Human Resource Managers and Corporate Recruiters to create a whole new model for diversity recruiting and onboarding.

Deena has been featured in the following publications: Government Technology, Essence Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, Black Enterprise, Ebony Magazine, Deliver magazine, Jet magazine, Colors of Influence, Neurology Now, the Chicago Tribune and NPR.

I hope you enjoy this incredible conversation with a leading woman. 

With love,


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Episode 41: Alexis Gonzales-Black on Holacracy

Today's interview is with Alexis Gonzales-Black, co-founder of Thoughtful Org Partners. Alexis helps companies self-organize and at 30 years old, she's a powerhouse. Her story to becoming a leader in the Holacracy movement is a teaching moment for many women, but her work in Holacracy is something everyone should be familiar with.

Alexis co-led the widely covered rollout of Holacracy, an innovative self-organization system, at Zappos.com.  She is the co-founder of Thoughtful Org Partners, a consultancy specializing in transitioning companies from traditional management hierarchies to adaptive organizational models.  

In 2012 Alexis ran for office and was elected to represent Congressional District 1 on the Nevada State Board of Education where she served for two and a half years crafting state education policy for the state of Nevada. She has appeared on many media outlets including; Fox and Friends and CNN Money.  

I hope you enjoy!

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Episode 40: Adi Shakti on Entrepreneurship as Spiritual Practice

Today's conversation is with Adi Shakti on how entrepreneurship and business can be a spiritual practice, a topic dear to my heart. 

Adi is a yoga teacher and conscious entrepreneur, and has led yogis through the sexual slavery districts of Kolkata, petroleum raped Amazon of Ecuador, and under-served indigenous regions of Costa Rica. She commits to awakening the divine feminine, and she harnesses that power to support sustainable global projects and empower women on and off of the mat. 

Adi Shakti means primordial divine feminine energy. Mother of the Earth. Goddess of the Goddesses. Manifestation of energy. It is a name gifted to her by her teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu, in Rishikesh India.

Creative Director of Passion Yoga School, host of the Six Figure Yogi, Creative Mastermind of the Maha Shakti Center, author, and humanitarian, Adi Shakti is a born leader, empowered creator, and active force of nature. She enjoys a global freedom lifestyle of empowered entrepreneurship. She lives full time in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica.

Topics discussed in today's episode include:

  • Awakening the divine feminine
  • Healing core wounds
  • Yoga as a healing practice for business owners
  • Balancing the masculine and feminine energies in our inner and outer worlds
  • Adi's journey in doing global humanitarian work
  • Advice for new entrepreneurs

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

With love,


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Episode 39: Kimi Marin on the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Today's conversation is with Kimi Marin, a Portland-based yoga teacher. She is the founder of Yogic Lore Flow, a yoga therapist, and a freelance writer. Through yoga and myth she helps people find clarity in their mind, body and spirit.

Kimi has a master’s degree in literature, and loves to combine the power of stories with yoga. She often weaves the myths and stories about various poses into the class. Her transformative Yogic Lore Flow workshops are a fun combination of stories, asana, meditation, and mudra.

In this interview we discuss Kimi's journey to combining storytelling with yoga and she shares some of her favorite myths that demonstrate the power of self-transformation, awareness and the stories we tell ourselves. 

Kimi was featured in Portland Monthly Magazine, Origin Magazine’s Inspire Series, and was the featured ambassador for Ahnu Footwear June 2013. Her writing is published on several online sites including Yoganonymous and BeYogi. You can find her at http://www.kimimarinyoga.com/. 

Topics discussed in today's episode include

  • The power of yoga for self-transformation
  • Building a yoga business
  • Mythological stories 
  • Limiting beliefs and stories we tell ourselves
  • Getting into your body for greater insight

I hope you enjoy!

With love,


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Episode 38: Susan Hyatt on Making Career Decisions and Being Boss

In today's episode I interview Susan Hyatt, Master Certified Life Coach whose fierce, fun and fresh approach to personal development has won her thousands of fans on Facebook, glowing praise from icons like Dr. Martha Beck and Maria Shriver, and a sold-out coaching calendar.

Her motto? “Life is precious. Go make it delicious." You can learn more about Susan’s private coaching options and programs like Clear Coaches, Make a Scene and BARE at: SHyatt.com.

I'm excited to share this interview because Susan is so fun and engaging! Not only does she offer amazing insight on starting your own business, but she also dives into what it means to follow your own internal compass to achieve your dreams. 

Topics discussed in this episode include: 

  • How to experience more freedom in your work life
  • What it’s like to be a life-coach
  • How to make career decisions 
  • Using your body as a compass 

I hope you enjoy! 

With love,


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Episode 37: Sarah Cooper on "100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings"

Today's conversation is with Sarah Cooper, founder of TheCooperReview.Com.

Sarah is a writer, comedian and creator of the satirical blog TheCooperReview.com, which attracts 500K+ pageviews per month. You might have seen her work in The Washington Post, Fast Company, Business Insider, and Huffington Post.

Previously at Google, Sarah has over 15 years experience in the corporate world, leading to her first viral article, “10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings” and the subject of her first book, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings, to be released on October 4, 2016.

In this interview, we talk about her book and her journey from being an actor, to working for Google and then her transition to becoming a well-known comedic writer and speaker.

Topics discussed include:

  • Bringing humor into the workplace
  • Showing up authentically in your work
  • How to appear smart in meetings
  • The power of empathy in comedy

I hope you enjoy! I sure did:)

With love,

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Episode 36: Pat Welch on 30 Years of Leading a Recruiting and Consulting Agency

Pat Welch is the co-founder of Boly:Welch, a multi-division, full-service recruiting and consulting agency based in Portland, Oregon.

This year Boly:Welch is celebrating its 30 year anniversary, and in this interview Pat takes us into her journey to being a leader of this 40+ person company. 

A lifelong film buff, Pat originally intended to make movies but after completing film school at Boston University she accepted an interim job in recruiting, and the rest is history.

Recruiting is all about relationships and people, a key driver for Pat throughout her career. This conversation really dives into her belief in the power of people, curiosity and connection. 

Topics discusses include:

  • Recruiting and consulting
  • Succession planning
  • Women in leadership
  • Curiosity as a key driver of success
  • Family friendly workplaces
  • Worklife balance and integration
  • Career and leadership development

I'm so excited to share this conversation with you and I hope you're as inspired as I am by Pat's authenticity, warmth and generosity. 

With love,


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Episode 35: Barbara Stanny on Women, Wealth and Power

In today’s episode I had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing author, speaker and coach, Barbara Stanny

Barbara is the leading authority on women and money. As a bestselling author, teacher and wealth coach, Barbara has helped millions take charge of their finances and their lives.  

Barbara's background in business, her years as a journalist, her Master's Degree in psychology, her extensive research, and her personal experience with money give her a unique perspective and makes her the foremost expert on women's financial issues. She is a bestselling author, sought after speaker and workshop facilitator who empowers women to live up to their financial and personal potential.
Barbara Stanny has been featured on Good Morning America, The View, Extra, The O'Reilly Report, and many times on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, PBS and NPR, as well as the New York Times, and USA Today.

Barbara is the author of 6 books:

  • Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money
  • Secrets of Six-Figure Women 
  • Overcoming Underearning 
  • Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles.
  • Finding a Financial Advisor You Can Trust
  • Breaking Through: Getting Past The Stuck Points in Your Life

In this incredible conversation, we talk about bringing spirituality to your approach with money and becoming a powerful woman in the modern world of work. You really don't want to miss this one! 

Topics discussed include:

  • The relationship between money and power
  • A Course in Miracles
  • Speaking your truth
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Being of service
  • Receptive surrender
  • The power of integrity

I hope you enjoy!

With love,


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