Episode 79: Meg Murray on Being a Feminist and Building a Statement Brand

This week's conversation is with Meg Murray on being a feminist and building a statement brand.

Meg is an exceptional connector, passionate community builder, and wine industry expert. She is the Founder of NASTY WOMAN WINES; a progressive wine brand that produces unapologetically tasty wines and donates 20% of their net profits to help get more women to the table.

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Episode 77: Cindy Tortorici on Entrepreneurship, Community Building and Feminism

Today's episode is an incredibly rich conversation with my friend and Superwoman Summit speaker, Cindy Tortorici. 

Cindy is a Business Consultant, Executive Coach, and Entrepreneur who specializes in inspiring leaders to combine their passion and purpose to get results. After a corporate career as a business strategist and executive for Nike Inc, Saks Fifth Avenue and May Company, Cindy followed her muse and created The Link For Women, LLC in 2004.

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Episode 73: Yasmin Nguyen on Gratitude Inspired Living

Today's episode is with my friend and Superwoman Summit speaker, Yasmin Nguyen. Yasmin is one of those guys that embodies all the values we represent here at the Superwoman Project. 

Over the last 15 years, Yasmin Nguyen has been helping high-performing impact-driven entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, elite business coaches, household nonprofits, industry experts, and healthcare professionals share their powerful customer stories to build trust and open the doors to business, partnerships, and philanthropy.

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Episode 71: Ashley Paquin on Overcoming Fear and Unworthiness to Become Your Greatest Self

In this incredible episode Ashley Paquin gives amazing advice on how to overcome fear and feelings of unworthiness to become the woman you want to be.

Ashley is an international life coach and mindfulness teacher working with clients on every continent. She teaches clients how to have more freedom, joy and success from the deepest place possible. 

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Episode 63: How to Use Your Intuition at Work

Your intuition is one of the most powerful tools you have available to you, but why do so many of us check it at the door when we go to the office?

Don't let the nature of our society, culture and economy detour you from using the greatest superpower you have. Today's recording is a lesson on how to tap your intuition for greater strength, clarity, innovation and creativity at work -- something I think we can all get better at. 

I hope you enjoy! 

With love,


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